Down Payment Possibilities

The mortgage options you qualify for depend on multiple factors. One of the most important being the down payment. The required minimum down payment in Canada is 5%. When purchasing a home exceeding $500,000 the down payment is then 10% for the amount exceeding. So, for a $750,000 home: 500,000 x 0.05 = 25,000 250,000 … Continue reading Down Payment Possibilities

A Mortgage Doesn’t Have to Mean 25 Years

Time and money are the most common currencies we use. I’d like to provide some insight on how to save a little bit of both when buying a home. There are various ways to pay off a mortgage more quickly. I’ll be focusing on accelerated mortgage payments and payment frequency. Payment frequency is choosing monthly, … Continue reading A Mortgage Doesn’t Have to Mean 25 Years

Your Journey Begins Here

Purchasing a home will be one of the most important decisions of your life. My objective is to assess your needs and provide you with the best possible options. I want to ensure you're comfortable and stress free throughout the process. My services don't end when your mortgage is obtained. I'm available for any concerns … Continue reading Your Journey Begins Here